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DUROJet Pumps & Pump Packages

duro-jet-logo.jpgDUROJet Shallow Well Pumps are designed especially for use on shallow well applications where wells are 25ft (7.6m) deep or less. They are excellent for the farm or cottage, either as a new installation or for an existing system.

DUROJet Dual Jet Convertible Jet Pumps with packages are economical, ready-to-install systems for shallow and deep wells. The package comes with the pump mounted on a pre-charged 5.3, 8.5 or 14 U.S. gallon pressure tank. A pressure switch mounted on the pump provides a control to operate the pump.

Mascontrol iminates the pressure tank and switch from a conventional pump setup. It allows the pump to maintain a constant pressure and flow. Mascontrol can be used with either surface or submersible pumps. It also features a built in check valve, run dry protection, dual voltage wiring in either 115V or 230V.