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Poly-Mart Rain Harvesting Tanks

poly-mart-logo.jpgRain Harvesting is the collection and storing of rainwater for use at a later date making it not only cost effective but also reliable as a water source during dry times.

Poly-Mart line of rainwater harvesting tanks include all fittings needed to collect the rain and come in various sizes and colors. Each Poly-Mart Rain Harvesting Tank comes with a 12" or 16" stainless steel strainer basket installed on the top of the tank to prevent large debris like sticks and leaves from getting into the tank.

There is also a stainless steel screened overflow assembly, outlet bulkhead fitting and a 3/4" bulkhead fitting for a water hose spigot or use with a water can. The overflow assembly is designed for directing overflown water during large rain storms while keeping out pests & mosquitoes out of the tank.